Leavening systems for bakery

Leavening systems in Baking

SALP is a term for Sodium Aluminium Phosphate, that is used in baking powder as a leavening acid in baked goods.

SALP works well in many baking applications because it has a delayed reaction and then will give a very strong rise in the oven upon heating. So a cake batter can be made and held (without too much carbon dioxide release prior to baking) and this will still result in strong leavening once it is baked. SALP is traditionally used in sponges, muffins & scones for example.

Budenheim have developed two leavening acids that replace SALP in baking powder systems. The reason they have been developed is that as from the 31st January 2014 SALP will no longer be able to be used in Europe in any baking application other than Battenberg cakes.

Levall AS100 and 200 have been developed to replace SALP and are based on Calcium Phosphate. Levall AS100 in particular has a very delayed reaction, like SALP, and yet the neutralisation value is comparable to SAPP (another type of phosphate commonly often used in baking powder). A lower neutralising value means a higher dosage of phosphate for a given level of bicarbonate. They provide the following benefits:


1)  Provides a light aerated texture and high volume.
2)  Is pleasant to the palate and has a neutral flavour without 
     affecting the taste of the end product.
3) Levall AS100 has a delayed reaction (ROR) of 13 and a  
     neutralisation value of 65 – 70%.
4) Levall AS100 delivers a source of Calcium.

Levall AS200

1)  Levall AS200 has a neutral flavour.
2)  Levall AS200 is for use in double acting systems with a  
     slow rate of reaction and a neutralisation value (NV) of 55 – 60.
3) Levall AS200 is a source of calcium and is also sodium free.

Time will come that SALP will not be allowed to be used in New Zealand and we at Sherratt Ingredients have an option available to you today.

If you would like further information on this or any other leavening agents or systems please do not hesitate to contact us today.

Natural Dairy Flavours are leading the way

Dairy flavour use gained popularity in the 1930's, with flavours specifically developed to reduce seasonal flavour variations in unsalted butter.  Over the years, dairy flavour variety and use has grown significantly.  Today's dairy flavours include traditional butter flavours as well as basic milk component flavours and specialty cultured dairy and cheese flavours.  Applications beyond butter and dairy products, to include use in nearly every segment of the food industry, is now common.  In addition to imparting dairy flavour, these products are also used for a wide variety of purposes which include: Reducing formula costs; Enhancing flavour profiles; Masking off-flavours; Increasing creamy mouth-feel and adding back creamy flavour to reduced fat products.

In the baking industry dairy flavours are used for many of the same reasons cited above.  Cream flavours are used in protein bars to mask off-flavours commonly associated with high protein content foods.  Similarly these flavours are also used to cover off flavours in gluten free products.  Butter flavours are often used to reduce butter content in cookies and frostings, thereby reducing cost as well as decreasing overall fat content of the product.  Cheese flavours are used widely in the snack cracker and breads industries to reduce or eliminate the need for cheese with the added benefit of delivering consistent flavour profile from batch to batch.

At DairyChem, we classify our dairy flavours into three basic categories:  Distilled cultured flavours; Compounded flavours and Enzyme modified flavours.  We use each of the categories of flavours to create custom blended "complete" systems that deliver the full flavour experience to a product application.

Our distilled flavours are prepared by steam distilling and concentrating the volatile flavour components from cultured milk.  These flavours are known as the "top notes" and are typically the aroma and initial flavours associated with butter, cream or cultured products.

Our compounded flavours are prepared by analysing a flavour profile and selecting and blending the specific flavour components responsible for the characteristic flavour to be delivered.  Our compounded flavours may contain a variety of flavour compounds.

Our enzyme modified flavours are produced by reacting butter, cream and cheeses with specifically selected enzymes to release the flavour components locked in the matrix of the product they are derived from.  This process magnifies the flavour profile by up to 100X the intensity of the specific commodity the flavour was derived from. The functional properties of the enzyme treated fats, fatty acids, monoglycerides and Diglycerides produced in the natural process add intense dairy flavours, impart richness, mouth-feel and overall satisfying product attributes.  These properties allow fat and milk solids reductions in formulas, substitution of dairy solids with lower cost solids or production of premium characteristics in a standard or low fat product.  They find uses as butter replacers, cream substitutes, cheese substitutes and milk replacers in baked goods, fillings, icings and more.  When combined with characteristic buttery top notes provided by our starter distillate flavours, the complete rich dairy profiles is achievable in virtually any product application

Sherratt Ingredients are proud to partner with DairyChem in New Zealand.
To discuss your specific needs/applications and how we can help, contact us here.

Introducing Soypro Soy Isolates


After a long period of development, leading agribusiness and food ingredient manufacturer Wilmar, has launched a new high quality soy isolate called Soypro X150.


This specialty isolate is designed specifically for use in nutritional applications, including powdered nutritional drinks and nutrition bars.


The product has been developed as a countertype to the highest quality soy isolates available for nutritional applications.  It demonstrates excellent solubility and dispersibility, with smooth mouthfeel and no grittiness â€" ideal for powdered beverages.


If you are looking for a high quality soy protein isolate to boost the protein content of nutritional beverages or sports bars contact Sherratt Ingredients.

Foods today are often enriched with minerals and trace elements that support a balanced diet – in beverages, cereals, milk and soy products, or in foods specially designed for athletes, infants, or for special medical purposes. Minerals such as magnesium, calcium, iron, sodium and potassium are essential to the human body and diet.

The Budenheim Puremin range (which includes magnesium, calcium, iron, sodium and potassium) is specifically designed for use in baby foods and other sensitive applications requiring the highest purity of content. Puremin products are made to ensure the highest microbiological purity and lowest level of trace contaminants. They are batch analysed and guaranteed. These levels exceed international regulations and requirements.

They offer the customer not only security but allow for ease in balancing their own mineral formulations and eliminate the need to expensive testing of incoming raw materials.

Budenheim are the leading producer of specialty phosphates in the world, producing a range of innovative products for a variety of applications, including nutrition, dairy, baking and meat processing.

For more information please contact Sherratt Ingredients today.

Introducing SilvaTeam

Sherratt Ingredients are pleased to introduce the Silvateam range of pectins and tara gums to New Zealand. Silvateam are an Italian company with Italian production of pectins and Peruvian manufacturing of tara gum. Their Italian pectin plant, based in the citrus region of Southern Italy, is the world's most environmentally sustainable pectin plant. The plant has lower energy or harmful acidulant requirements meaning products are more sustainably produced and truly label friendly than traditionally produced pectins. Silvateam offer a complete range of pectins, including high and low methoxyl pectins, and can often develop customised products due to their plant and business flexibility and knowledge.

Pectins are primarily used as texturants and stabilisers in low pH and high sugar applications, such as fruit based products like jams and jellies, and confectionery, but also fruit preparations, bakery glazes, cultured dairy products, neutral dairy desserts and beverages. These products are backed by an extremely experienced and knowledgeable team of hydrocolloid experts based in Bergamo, Italy. Silvateam are also the world's leading producer of tara gum. Tara gum is from the same family of products as guar and locust bean gum, and offers many of the same functionalities as these two gums such as excellent cold water viscosity and strong synergy with other hydrocolloids.

Silvateam's products complement Sherratt Ingredients range of hydrocolloids which include carrageenans, alginates, methyl celluloses and hydroxypropylmethyl celluloses, xanthan gums, guar gums, and locust bean gums. For any hydrocolloid enquiry please contact Sherratt Ingredients today.

Sorghum Binder

Sherratt Ingredients are pleased to announce that we can now offer, under the brand name SORG-PREME BINDER, heat treated Sorghum Flour.

SORG-PREME BINDER is a gluten free binder made by Maralong Milling Pty Ltd from clean white Sorghum. The product is manufactured in a separate factory dedicated to the manufacture of gluten free products. Sorghum Flour is also available.

Click here for the SORG-PREME BINDER specification.

We would be pleased to receive your enquiry for SORG-PREME BINDER.

100% NZ Bacon & Ham Competition 2012

Sherratt Ingredients are proud to announce the agreement with NZ Pork to become a SILVER sponsor of this year's 100% NZ Bacon & Ham competition.

From the tastiest rasher to the most succulent slice of ham, the competition attracts butchers and retailers nationwide to put their craft to the test on Friday 13 July.

The 100% NZ Bacon & Ham Competition was established to celebrate New Zealand's finest cured pork products and to help consumers identify and appreciate local, sustainable bacon and ham and support NZ farmers.

There are five bacon categories, Middle, Dry Cured Middle, Shoulder, Streaky, Middle Eye and two ham categories, Bone-In-Ham and Boneless Ham.

The 32-strong judging panel members rate the ham and bacon on aroma, texture, appearance, saltiness, sweetness and overall tastiness. This year's panel includes television chef and cookbook author Simon Holst, President of the National Chef's Association Anita Sarginson, food writer and cookbook author Jan Bilton, and chef and food writer Graham Hawkes.

New in 2012, the Consumers' Choice Award will give the public a chance to "TXT-to- vote" for their favourite bacon and ham maker. In 2011 the 100% NZ Bacon & Ham Competition received 238 entries from 70 businesses. 2011 Bacon of the Year was a Dry Cured Middle Bacon from Ashby's Butchery in Christchurch and Cashmere Cuisine also of Christchurch took out the 2011 Ham of the Year.

Entries close on Friday 22 June. The 100% NZ Bacon of the Year and Gold, Silver and Bronze bacon medallists will be announced on 23 July. The 100% NZ Ham of the Year will be announced in late October.

For more information on 100% NZ Bacon, Ham and Pork go to www.extraordinarykitchen.co.nz

Grayson Natural Smoke Flavours

Sherratt Ingredients appointed NZ agents for Grayson Natural Smoke Flavours

From hickory-smoked chicken breasts to BBQ sauces, Grayson's Natural Smoke range allows you to conveniently replace the traditional smoking process without sacrificing flavour, colour formation or browning.

Grayson's range of high-quality smoke flavours are made by condensing cleaned natural wood smoke vapour in water. By varying the type of wood burnt or simply adjusting the concentration, we have developed products with unique taste and colour qualities.

Liquid smoke also acts as both an antioxidant and antimicrobial agent, helping to preserve food and extend the shelf life of treated products.

Suitable for a wide range of products, from processed meat to liquid sauces and marinades, it is also available in dry powder form for use in snacks and dry mixes and in oil-based form for addition to cheeses, canned foods and dry sausages.

Grayson Australia is HACCP accredited, and their liquid smoke products are approved as both kosher and halal.

For more information and samples, contact us here.

Emglucan from Emsland

Introducing Emglucan from Emsland Group

Sherratt Ingredients have an exciting new natural fibre offering called Emglucan.  It is a waxy, winter barley based flour, produced by our principal Emsland Group. Emglucan is, as the name suggests, high in beta-glucans. The new barley variety was developed in recent years by the Emsland Group and presents an exciting, cost effective and natural way for food manufacturers to add beta-glucan to their products and gain the many health benefits it provides, whilst also providing a very multi-functional ingredient.


Beta-glucan is well known to aid cholesterol management alongside assisting satiety, improved glycemic control and balance, enhanced gastrointestinal health, weight management and improved colon health. Around 16.5 grams of Emglucan will provide 1g of beta glucan. This is the level set in the current FSANZ draft standard (1.2.7) for health claims relating to beta-glucan and the specific health effect of reducing dietary and biliary cholesterol absorption. Such health claims have already been approved in the USA and Europe.


As well as providing a noted health benefit, Emglucan is able to provide strong water binding, excellent storage and process stability, and excellent colour (especially in baked products). Applications include coatings, snacks, baked products, breads, cereals, pastas, nutritional products, and any extruded products.


For more information or samples please contact Sherratt Ingredients.

Exciting News from DairyChem

DairyChem is proud to announce and welcome William Shazer, PhD as its new Director of Research & Development.

"The addition of Bill to our staff further strengthens our ability to meet the needs of our customers" noted Daniel Church, President of DairyChem. "Bill has comprehensive understanding of new product development, applications, and manufacturing which will enable DairyChem to expand product offerings." 

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