Introducing Emglucan from Emsland Group

Sherratt Ingredients have an exciting new natural fibre offering called Emglucan.  It is a waxy, winter barley based flour, produced by our principal Emsland Group. Emglucan is, as the name suggests, high in beta-glucans. The new barley variety was developed in recent years by the Emsland Group and presents an exciting, cost effective and natural way for food manufacturers to add beta-glucan to their products and gain the many health benefits it provides, whilst also providing a very multi-functional ingredient.


Beta-glucan is well known to aid cholesterol management alongside assisting satiety, improved glycemic control and balance, enhanced gastrointestinal health, weight management and improved colon health. Around 16.5 grams of Emglucan will provide 1g of beta glucan. This is the level set in the current FSANZ draft standard (1.2.7) for health claims relating to beta-glucan and the specific health effect of reducing dietary and biliary cholesterol absorption. Such health claims have already been approved in the USA and Europe.


As well as providing a noted health benefit, Emglucan is able to provide strong water binding, excellent storage and process stability, and excellent colour (especially in baked products). Applications include coatings, snacks, baked products, breads, cereals, pastas, nutritional products, and any extruded products.


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