Sherratt Ingredients appointed NZ agents for Grayson Natural Smoke Flavours

From hickory-smoked chicken breasts to BBQ sauces, Grayson's Natural Smoke range allows you to conveniently replace the traditional smoking process without sacrificing flavour, colour formation or browning.

Grayson's range of high-quality smoke flavours are made by condensing cleaned natural wood smoke vapour in water. By varying the type of wood burnt or simply adjusting the concentration, we have developed products with unique taste and colour qualities.

Liquid smoke also acts as both an antioxidant and antimicrobial agent, helping to preserve food and extend the shelf life of treated products.

Suitable for a wide range of products, from processed meat to liquid sauces and marinades, it is also available in dry powder form for use in snacks and dry mixes and in oil-based form for addition to cheeses, canned foods and dry sausages.

Grayson Australia is HACCP accredited, and their liquid smoke products are approved as both kosher and halal.

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