Dairy flavour use gained popularity in the 1930's, with flavours specifically developed to reduce seasonal flavour variations in unsalted butter.  Over the years, dairy flavour variety and use has grown significantly.  Today's dairy flavours include traditional butter flavours as well as basic milk component flavours and specialty cultured dairy and cheese flavours.  Applications beyond butter and dairy products, to include use in nearly every segment of the food industry, is now common.  In addition to imparting dairy flavour, these products are also used for a wide variety of purposes which include: Reducing formula costs; Enhancing flavour profiles; Masking off-flavours; Increasing creamy mouth-feel and adding back creamy flavour to reduced fat products.

In the baking industry dairy flavours are used for many of the same reasons cited above.  Cream flavours are used in protein bars to mask off-flavours commonly associated with high protein content foods.  Similarly these flavours are also used to cover off flavours in gluten free products.  Butter flavours are often used to reduce butter content in cookies and frostings, thereby reducing cost as well as decreasing overall fat content of the product.  Cheese flavours are used widely in the snack cracker and breads industries to reduce or eliminate the need for cheese with the added benefit of delivering consistent flavour profile from batch to batch.

At DairyChem, we classify our dairy flavours into three basic categories:  Distilled cultured flavours; Compounded flavours and Enzyme modified flavours.  We use each of the categories of flavours to create custom blended "complete" systems that deliver the full flavour experience to a product application.

Our distilled flavours are prepared by steam distilling and concentrating the volatile flavour components from cultured milk.  These flavours are known as the "top notes" and are typically the aroma and initial flavours associated with butter, cream or cultured products.

Our compounded flavours are prepared by analysing a flavour profile and selecting and blending the specific flavour components responsible for the characteristic flavour to be delivered.  Our compounded flavours may contain a variety of flavour compounds.

Our enzyme modified flavours are produced by reacting butter, cream and cheeses with specifically selected enzymes to release the flavour components locked in the matrix of the product they are derived from.  This process magnifies the flavour profile by up to 100X the intensity of the specific commodity the flavour was derived from. The functional properties of the enzyme treated fats, fatty acids, monoglycerides and Diglycerides produced in the natural process add intense dairy flavours, impart richness, mouth-feel and overall satisfying product attributes.  These properties allow fat and milk solids reductions in formulas, substitution of dairy solids with lower cost solids or production of premium characteristics in a standard or low fat product.  They find uses as butter replacers, cream substitutes, cheese substitutes and milk replacers in baked goods, fillings, icings and more.  When combined with characteristic buttery top notes provided by our starter distillate flavours, the complete rich dairy profiles is achievable in virtually any product application

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