Textured vegetable protein (TVP) is an extruded soy flour commonly used to replace meat or add texture to a finished product.

It is typically made from soybeans (using defatted soy flour) however it is now being sourced from non-soy sources such as pea flour for allergen reasons. With current shortages of meat, TVP is an excellent option to lower meat usage and cost. TVP can reliably bind three parts of water to one part of TVP. Applications include sausages, meat patties, meat pies, meatloaf and vegetarian foods. Sherratt Ingredients can offer a range of TVP products from our supplier Sonic Biochem including natural and caramel coloured TVP in different sizes.

Sherratt Ingredients also offer a range of textured soy protein concentrates and steam processed TVP from our soy protein supplier, Solbar. Textured soy protein concentrates, sold under the name Contex, have a high protein level and offer greater functionality in processing and storage than TVP. Specially processed TVP like Solbar's Bontex range is targeted at use in convenience foods like instant soups and noodles. Bontex provides an excellent meat like texture and has a particularly bland flavour profile.

For advice on using TVP to replace some of your meat and alleviate current supply and cost issues
please contact your Sherratt Ingredients account manager or our office on 09 444 1676, or sales@sherratt.co.nz