Thompsons Limited are a Canadian grain and bean supplier based in southern Ontario. As a family owned company they are a passionate group who supply top quality products and back this up with exemplary service. They supply extremely high quality and clean beans often the direct opposite of numerous competitors who focus on larger volumes into larger markets. Thompsons continued focus on food safety is recognised in their latest certification (click here) - a world first for a processor of beans.

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In the past few weeks, more than 3,000 people have become ill and 37 people have died following a rare E. coli outbreak which originated from German-grown bean sprouts. More recently, seven children were hospitalised in France with E. coli infections after eating contaminated hamburgers.

There was no link between the two E. coli bacteria outbreaks but news like those ones become very common and show an increase rate of contamination in the food industry. It is well known that hamburgers have a great risk for developing E-coli contamination.

For greater performance in fighting it, Galactic has designed Promeat plus which is designed to inhibit bacteriological growth including E-coli. World leading meat processors use the company's lactates (Galaflow) and blends (Galimax) to guarantee both food safety and shelf-life extension.

At 1.5%, PROMEAT PLUS in fresh hamburgers is effective for at least 9 days. As a leader in meat preservation, Galactic offers a wide range of solutions to help manufacturers to develop their innovative fresh minced meat.

In 2008, Galactic started a research program with the final objective to modify the European Parliament and Council Directive n° 95/2/EC on food additives, and allow the use of lactates and acetates in fresh minced meat. After 2 years of intensive work, Galactic and its french partner, DS France, have been able to convince the EU to change the directive 95/2/EC. The new regulation allows meat producers to add lactates and acetates in fresh minced meat, which considerably extends shelf-life. Lactates and acetates are known to be very efficient against micro-organisms, to stabilize colour and pH.

According to Ruud Peerbooms, Sales and Marketing Director at Galactic, “our range of Galimax is an excellent choice for increasing the shelf-life of fresh minced meat products. It is be a great benefit for retailers to be able to offer fresh and safe products”.

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Emsland Group, the leading German potato starch producer, has released a new clean label thickener, Emfix K1. Using the natural benefits of potato starch, such as clean flavour and appearance, alongside the functionalities traditionally associated with chemically modified starches, Emfix K1 is able to be used in a broad range of applications. Emfix K1 can be used in applications such as convenience foods like soups and sauces as a binding and thickening agent. It is well suited to dry mixes and bakery creams and fillings, a traditionally common usage for potato starches. Emfix K1 can also be used in snacks and bakery as moisture regulator to extend shelf life and improve texture. Increasingly consumers are demanding products with more 'natural' ingredients and Emfix K1 meets this demand.

Sherratt Ingredients are able to offer a complete range of starches, starch derivatives and proteins from Emsland Group. These include pea and potato starches, proteins and maltodextrins. If you need further information regarding Emfix K1, or any potato or pea based ingredients please contact us.



Novapro fibre from Novaprom is a natural animal product made from the inner skin layer. It has unique water holding abilities and forms strong protein matrixes with improved texture, bite, and cooked yields. The Novapro fibre has particular application in extended meat products where lower quality meats are used. Nutritionally it is low in fat and low in salt.  Along with the functional benefits, Novapro fibre boasts a clean label and in an ever changing consumer market, where consumers are becoming savvy about ingredient declarations, there is pressure on manufacturers to find “natural” ingredients.

Novaprom as a company has a strong R&D focus – not only looking at new products such as Novapro powder, an injectable functional protein, but also new application areas for Novapro fibre – you can see an article on foodnavigator, discussing research into using Novapro fibre as a natural emulsifier. click here 


Textured vegetable protein (TVP) is an extruded soy flour commonly used to replace meat or add texture to a finished product.
It is typically made from soybeans (using defatted soy flour) however it is now being sourced from non-soy sources such as pea flour for allergen reasons. With current shortages of meat, TVP is an excellent option to lower meat usage and cost. TVP can reliably bind three parts of water to one part of TVP. Applications include sausages, meat patties, meat pies, meatloaf and vegetarian foods. Sherratt Ingredients can offer a range of TVP products from our supplier Sonic Biochem including natural and caramel coloured TVP in different sizes.

Sherratt Ingredients also offer a range of textured soy protein concentrates and steam processed TVP from our soy protein supplier, Solbar. Textured soy protein concentrates, sold under the name Contex, have a high protein level and offer greater functionality in processing and storage than TVP. Specially processed TVP like Solbar’s Bontex range is targeted at use in convenience foods like instant soups and noodles. Bontex provides an excellent meat like texture and has a particularly bland flavour profile.

For advice on using TVP to replace some of your meat and alleviate current supply and cost issues
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The General Starch range of specialty tapioca starch products are now available in New Zealand.
Of particular interest to customers in New Zealand will be the Starfirm and Gelpro ranges.

Dr Patricia Chong, Business Manager Food at General Starch, says “Our products can be used in a variety of processing and storage conditions, for a diverse range of applications from thickening and stabilising to gelling. Specific applications include replacing more expensive solids such as milk or tomato, fat replacement, and use in low viscosity applications such as beverages and marinades.”

One of the key features of tapioca starches is their ability to deliver a clean flavour profile and clearer appearance in comparison to other starches, which means customers are not overcompensating with expensive flavours and colours. For example specialty tapioca starches have achieved a prominent position in fruit based products around the world.

A few products of particular interest include Starfirm 48 and 68, both are general purpose starches which offer good stability in a range of storage conditions. Starfirm 68 is more appropriate for acidic and higher shear processing, whereas Starfirm 48 is well suited to more neutral processing conditions. Other products of note include Gelpro FR, a product which can replace fat in a range of applications from sauces and dressings to ice cream, and the Gelpro HC range which offer superior viscosity, flavour release and appearance while being extremely stable to various storage and process conditions.

Duncan Sherratt, Product Manager for Starches at Sherratt Ingredients, comments “Communication with the customer over their objectives, manufacturing process, and other ingredients used, combined with subsequent discussions and analysis with both General Starch and our own technical team ensures we can help our customers achieve the success they desire.”

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Sherratt Ingredients are pleased to announce we have been appointed agents for Polygal AG. Polygal are a Swiss based producer of hydrocolloids. They offer a comprehensive range of galactomannans, including Locust Bean Gum, Guar Gum and Tara Gum, marketed under their brand names Polygum and Polygel. Polygal have factories in Switzerland, Spain and Pakistan with their research and development facilities based out of their Swiss head office. 

Galactomannans are based on the ground endosperm of seeds from the Carob tree (Locust Bean Gum), Guar plant (Guar Gum) and Tara bush (Tara Gum). The different gums and their properties are differentiated by their differing ratios and structure of the galactose to mannose units that primarily constitute them. Locust Bean Gum provides mouthfeel and body to products, prevents syneresis, and assists in the manufacture of soft cheeses like cream cheese. It is also very synergistic with other hydrocolloids and is thus often used in conjunction with such products. Applications include dairy and dairy based products, creams and dips, meat and petfood, and fruit products. Tara gums have similar properties but also have cold solubility and offer freeze-thaw stability.  

Polygal also offer specialty depolymerised Guar and Tara gums. These products offer superior creamy mouthfeel, syneresis control and product stabilisation without unduly affecting the current viscosity of the product being made. These specialty gums also have excellent flavour release. Applications include salad dressings, mayonnaise, fruit preparations, ice cream and desserts. 

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Sethness offers three unique Caramelised Sugar Syrups to sweeten our line of Caramel Colours. Just like a touch of honey, our Caramelised Sugar Syrups provide both flavour and colour in one blend.
They appeal to the growing "natural" segment as they can be simply labelled as "sugar."


Our Caramelised Sugar Syrups offer:

  • range of sweet to burnt notes
  • compatibility with Caramel Colours
  • high-alcohol solubility in spirits and liqueurs
  • processing stability in salt
  • flavour enhancer capabilities
  • natural products opportunities

Organic is here to stay

Consumer appeal for organic foods is not just a passing fad. U.S. organic food and beverage sales grew 5.1% to $24.8 billion in 2009, according to the Organic Trade Association. To address the growing demand for organic ingredients, Sethness manufactures two Certified Organic Liquid Caramel Colours, and the only Certified Organic Powder produced in the United States. With limited options available for colouring organic products, our offerings provide numerous opportunities for organic applications. Samples are readily available. 

Please email us to request your samples.

SETHNESS PRODUCTS COMPANY has announced the launch of the world's first certified organic powdered caramel colour. This follows the release of two certified organic liquid caramel colours in the past 12 months. Powdered caramel colours are popular in baked goods, seasonings and other dry blends.has announced the launch of the world's first certified organic powdered caramel colour. This follows the release of two certified organic liquid caramel colours in the past 12 months. Powdered caramel colours are popular in baked goods, seasonings and other dry blends.

EMSLAND GROUP - From January this year Emsland Group will start processing 50,000 mt of peas into native and modified pea starch and pea starch protein isolate. The new F7117 modified pea starch has been developed for application in confectionery and as a replacer for gelatine.

BUDENHEIM has further strengthened its position in CALCIUM PHOSPHATES with an announcement effective from the 1st January that they have entered into an agreement with Thermphos International BV to acquire the marketing, distribution and selling rights for certain Calcium Phosphates manufactured by Thermphos at their Oldbury site in the United Kingdom.

SETHNESS PRODUCTS COMPANY has announced the launch of their second certified organic Caramel Colour OC114, 40% stronger than the original organic product. It has been specially developed to overcome the very bitter, burnt taste associated with class one caramels