Silvateam are an Italian company with Italian production of pectins and Peruvian manufacturing of tara gum. Their Italian pectin plant, based in the citrus region of Southern Italy, is the world's most environmentally sustainable pectin plant. The plant has lower energy or harmful acidulant requirements meaning products are more sustainably produced and truly label friendly than traditionally produced pectins. Silvateam offer a complete range of pectins, including high and low methoxyl pectins, and can often develop customised products due to their plant and business flexibility and knowledge.

Pectins are primarily used as texturants and stabilisers in low pH and high sugar applications, such as fruit based products like jams and jellies, and confectionery, but also fruit preparations, bakery glazes, cultured dairy products, neutral dairy desserts and beverages. These products are backed by an extremely experienced and knowledgeable team of hydrocolloid experts based in Bergamo, Italy. Silvateam are also the world's leading producer of tara gum. Tara gum is from the same family of products as guar and locust bean gum, and offers many of the same functionalities as these two products such as excellent cold water viscosity and strong synergy with other hydrocolloids.

Products supplied
  • HM Pectin
  • LM Pectin
  • LMA Pectin
  • Tara Gum