Established in 1952, the Manildra Group is Australia’s largest processor of wheat for industrial purposes. Vertically integrated, they produce a diverse range of products including flour, premixes, gluten, glucose syrups, starches, specialty protein products and ethanol. They are a partner in Manildra Harwood Sugars and a new canola oil refinery, Mac-Smith Manildra Milling.
  Chemische Fabrik Budenheim is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of phosphates and phosphate specialties. Their position as a global leader has come through consistent research and development, and their own process for the production of highly purified phosphoric acid. A member of the Dr Oetker Group. 
  Established in 1946, Halcyon Proteins are Australia’s leading manufacturer of savoury flavours and ingredients. Operating from a new purpose-built, state of the art plant, Halcyon manufacture a wide range of flavour enhancing products including hydrolysed vegetable proteins, autolysed yeasts, soy sauces and malt extract powders. 
  From humble beginnings in 1880, five generations later Sethness Product Company has grown to be the world’s leading and most respected producer of caramel colour. Operating the world’s largest and most technologically advanced plant, Sethness offers a flexible, economical colouring solution to food processors around the globe. 
  Emsland Group is the largest German potato starch producer with significant processing capacity supported by strong research and development. In addition to native potato starch, they produce modified starches, functional native potato starches, modified pea starches, proteins and fibres.

Polygal AG are a Swiss based producer of hydrocolloids. They offer a comprehensive range of galactomannans, including Locust Bean Gum, Guar Gum and Tara Gum, marketed under their brand names Polygum and Polygel. Polygal have factories in Switzerland, Spain and Pakistan with their research and development facilities based out of their Swiss head office.


DairyChem sets the standard for dairy-derived natural dairy flavours. Their range of products; produced from steam distillates of dairy concentrates include, butter, cream, sour cream, buttermilk and cheese flavours to use in enhancing the flavour profile of a wide range of food products.  


Oregon Potato Company is the largest dehydrated potato processor in the Western United States. Their strong raw material supply position ensures consistent delivery of a range of dehydrated potato flakes, powders and dices. They are uniquely located to supply exports via the west coast of America. 


General Starch Limited is a Thai starch company producing both native and modified tapioca starches. With a huge amount of experience in the starch industry in both Thailand and abroad General Starch are able to provide high quality and innovative products.  With the backup of their vast technical resources, Sherratt Ingredients can supply strong technical support to customers.

  Guan Chong Cocoa Manufacturing, a progressive and customer orientated company, offers a full range of cocoa powders, cocoa mass and cocoa butters.  Their ISO and HACCP accreditation ensure a consistent high quality product is delivered every time.
  Rico Carrageenan is a Filipino based manufacturer of carrageenan.  With significant industry experience they produce both semi-refined and fully-refined carrageenans for use in gel formation, thickening and stabilizing within the dairy, beverage, meat, petfood and dessert food sectors.  They are also able to produce custom blends for customers.
  Jain Irrigation are a dynamic Indian manufacturer of dehydrated onions, fruit pulps, purees and concentrates. Ranked as one of the eight Indian companies likely to emerge and challenge global leaders by Standard and Poors in 2007, Jain are the second largest onion dehydrator globally with production capacities in India and in their US subsidiary, Cascade Specialties. Their quality control and food safety programs are of the highest standard to ensure customers receive a top quality product. 
  Strategically located in Ecuador, Confoco - Trobana has for many years been supplying the food industry with high quality tropical fruits and vegetables. Their range of flakes, powders and essences include banana, pineapple, mango, passionfruit, papaya, sweet potato, pumpkin and carrot 
  Galactic (Belgium) and BBCA BIOCHEMICAL Co.Ltd. (China) joined forces in 2002 to form Anhui BBCA & Galactic Lactic Acid Company Limited (B&G). Combined they are a leading supplier of Lactic Acid and Lactates throughout the world. With an annual capacity of 30.000 metric tons, B&G's production plant is the largest in Asia/Oceania.
  Kimica Corporation is a manufacturer and supplier of alginates with plants located in Japan and Chile producing a full spectrum of alginate grades. Continuous upgrading of manufacturing technology and devotion to technical advancement ensures Kimica’s ongoing leadership in the supply of alginates. 
  Established in 1924 Thompson’s is the largest Canadian supplier of dry beans to the canning and soy food industries. Their leadership is based on their ongoing development of new varieties.  Products supplied to the New Zealand market are from Thompson's IP Elite program which supplies Non-GMO Identity Preserved varieties.
  Novapro Collagen Fibre is an extremely versatile natural animal product that offers meat processors a number of outstanding properties. The properties of this natural digestible protein include unique water binding ability, improved texture and bit, improved overall cooking yields, improved slice-ability, with reduced slicing loss, and the ability to form a strong protein matrix 

National Foods is one of Australia's largest food and beverage groups, with core activities in milk, fresh dairy foods, juice, soy beverages and specialty cheese. In July 2010 Sherratt Ingredients became the sole agent for their Sweetened Condensed Milk products in New Zealand.

  Sonic Extractions Ltd are an Indian processor of value added, non-GMO, soy products.  We promote their range of textured vegetable proteins and soy lecithin in particular.  Both products are of a high quality and sourced from completely GMO free beans.  As India has not yet allowed planting of GMO soybeans, customers can be assured of the GMO status of the downstream products being manufactured.

Shinetsu Chemical Company are a Japanese manufacturer of cellulose derivatives. Under their Metolose brand they produce Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose and Methylcellulose. These unique products act as binders, emulsifiers, stabilizers, suspension agents, protective colloids, thickeners and film-forming agents.